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Molassed Mineral Range

Premium Brand Lamb Colostrum Supplement

Box 10 Sachet

10 Lamb (250g)

20 Lamb (500g)

40 Lamb (1 Kg)

80 Lamb (2 Kg)

160 Lamb (4 Kg)

800 Lamb (20 Kg)

Adopta-Lamb   Spray liberally over lambs to be fostered

500ml Spray

Lamb Revivit     Beneficial for new-born lambs and weak ewes


Lamb Insta-Life    A jump start for lambs that are slow to start feeding

250 ml refill (no pump)   250ml top unloading pump    250ml bottom unloading pump

Sustain   A nutritional supplement to help maintain healthy new-born lambs.

May be helpful when lambs have digestive upsets.

250 ml refill (no pump)   250ml top unloading pump    250ml bottom unloading pump

Re-Energise   A feed supplement for ewes carrying twin lambs when metabolic disorders occur.  Fast response.   Must not be confused with calcium deficiency.

12 x 100ml       25 x 100ml    1 x 1 litre (10 ewe feeds)

Pre-Tupping + pre & post Lambing Drench   Suitable for feeding to all classes of Sheep and Goats. A liquid emulsified Vitamin, Trace Element and Chelated Mineral supplement.

1 litre   2.5 litre   5 litre   25 litre

Hoof-Rite  A biodegradable footbath concentrate to help maintain clean feet in sheep.

5 litre    25 litre   1000 litre

Fleece Fix    Proven to tighten sheep's fleeces. Produces a better topline and superb pigmentation Effective conditioning supplement.

5 Kg   25 Kg

Growvite Lamb   A ideal mineral / vitamin booster for lambs. Supplies chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements essential for thrive in growing animals.

1 litre   2.5 litre

Growvite Sheep  Supplies chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements essential for improved fertility and improved thrive in lambs. Ideal for ewes pre-lambing, ewes pre-tupping and lambs from 3 weeks of age.

1 litre   2.5 litre

Growvite Multi-Birth Ketosis supplement. A rapid source of energy to reduce the risk of Ketosis in ewes.


Super Booster Liquid Drench   Chelated minerals, vitamins , anti-oxidents and trace elements. Essential for improved fertility and performance in sheep, rams and lambs.

Sweetlics Sheep Bucket   Suitable for all classes of sheep pre-tupping, pre-lambing and post-lambing. Also suitable for lambs at pasture with essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins to aid health, growth, milk & fleece quality.

HeadStart  Ewe and Lamb Vigour Formulated specifically for the ewe and unborn lamb  Boosts colostrum, lamb vigour and general protection.

ELITE SHEEP Mineral & Vitamin Booster +Omega 3    Enhances fertility, sperm count, viability in young stock. Improved growth rate and feed conversion.